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Hi guys! :)
I used to be on two minds about purchasing contact lenses. But now, thanks for Solution lens I have a definite decision about where to buy unique, breathtakingly beautiful and reliable lenses.
So, why did I choose their webshop despite the other 100, 1000 or 10000...? Because this webshop has great offers, often invites us to join giveaways. In addition, their lenses are amazing, colorful and reliable, beacuse of they are FDA Approved and EU Approved. This is why I can be cartain of their safety.
So, the Circle Lens Permanent Giveaway is a monthly giveaway. Anybody has the chance to receive a pair of FREE (!) lens, so You also have the chance to win. All you need to do is to write a post (on Facebook, Blog, Tumblr, Youtube video, on your website etc.) about the giveaway as I do. Here you can find more information about the steps.
Now, just to see, I am introducing you some lenses from Solution Lens' offers:


At first I have choosen a darker blue one. VASSEN BLYTHE BLUE contact lenses are bigger than the usual (15mm diameter), this is why it gives your eyes a doll-look. Additionally its night blue shade is quite magical and mystic! ;)


Bejesus, these enchanting eyes! *-* These amazing blue GEO XTRA FLOWER MORNING GLORY lenses are... are... are... I can't find the right words to characterize them! Diamondy eyes at an available price! ;)

Finally, I would like you to know about these brown GEO 3D lenses which gives your eyes a natural, but pretty look. Originally I have green eyes, so I have always wanted to know how would I look like with a darker eyeshade, eventually brown. :)

I believe it's a great chance to receive lenses. I have never had any contact lenses, so this time I'm crossing my fingers and hope that I will be able to win. ^^  Anyway, I'm keen on the Far-East and its culture, and these lenses remind me of Asia.
Some words about the shop: It's a child's play to browse the pages and easy to find lenses in your style. You can find there lenses in all colours, sizes and styles for instance for Halloween. ;)
Come on, what are you waiting for?! Join the giveaway and win a pair of unique contact lenses! ;)

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    Thank you for joining our giveaway​, you​ have won a free pair of contact lenses.

    ​​Please reply to this message with:
    ​- a link to the contact lenses that you want (please do not select ​"​OUT OF STOCK​"​ items or contact lenses that cost more than $19.90)
    ​- your name and shipping address

    But first you must ​check ​again ​that you have done what we have asked​ and complete in case you missed anything​:
    1 - Write 10 lines at least about our shop, our products and our giveaway

    2 - Add 3 photos of the lenses that you like and want to get for free (choose 3 photos on our shop)

    3 - Click "LIKE" on Facebook:

    We will check a last time before sending your free pair so if you page is not complete with the text and required photos we are sorry but someone else will be chosen.

    Thank you again and please join our next giveaway:

    If you like our contact lenses you can also publish a review to get another free pair:

    Lovely eye blink,